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When Westmill Foods devised plans to develop the Allinson flour range by taking a superior quality, very strong white bread flour to market, they looked to Bryt to ensure it was a success.

Our research showed that core consumers had strong affection and trust in the brand, but felt the packaging didn't reflect the product qualities. Highlighting which flours were ideal for use in bread machines, as well as in traditional hand baking recipes, was cited as a critical part of the consumer proposition strategy.

The Bakers' Grade name came through brainstorming workshops and was chosen because it implied professional endorsement and promised superior product performance.

The use of the 'framing' heart device came from our research in to the life and work of Dr Thomas Allinson. From chemist and doctor, to baker and mill owner – he was a pioneer of the wellbeing culture we now embrace. Our aim was to re-establish "Bakers’ Grade enjoyed a 17.4% increase in sales, all in less than a year." and re-connect consumers with his values. The heart device, his signature and portrait were employed to help achieve this.

After launch, 500 tonnes of Bakers' Grade passed through the factory gates in the first six months and data showed Bakers’ Grade as the 4th best selling branded strong flour in the sector, with a 17.4% increase in sales, all in less than a year.